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Sandonato Law

Owner & Managing Director

Attorney Sandonato has a diverse practice serving individuals as well as businesses of all sizes. Clients value Attorney Sandonato for his work ethic, commitment to keeping his clients informed, no nonsense style and ability to explain the most difficult concepts in an understandable fashion. He has been published in trade publications on landlord tenant law and has lectured on Unclaimed Property and municipal tailings laws.

Mr. Sandonato is also highly regarded in his community having been appointed to serve on public commissions, and has donated his time in programs teaching law to inner city school students. Mr. Sandonato holds a strong dedication to public service.

Message from Marco Sandonato, Esq.

An early mentor of mine once told me that the key to a successful practice was never to lose sight of the client's interest and to always put the client first. The rest, she said, inevitably falls into place. It was, and still is, fantastic advice from an accomplished leader. I run my practice by this philosophy. Whether I'm serving an individual or a corporation, a family business or a large franchise, I always take time to communicate with my clients to evaluate, assess and re assess goals and expectations. I'm very fortunate to be in a profession that allows me to do what I love; help others with their problems and needs. My clients have come to know this and they have also come to know something else; that they always come first.


  • Business Law

    Services include entity selection, contracts and agreements, corporate governance, franchising, funding, litigation, business agreements and shareholder disputes, LLCs, C Corps, crowdfunding, branding, licensing, distributing and much more.

  • Real Estate

    Sandonato Law provides a variety of real estate services. We work with lenders, attorneys, brokers, buyers and sellers to make sure your transaction moves swiftly, professionally, and free of costly errors.

  • Landlord Tenant

    Sandonato Law has earned a reputation as one of the Boston areas stand out firms in landlord tenant law. Comprised of a network of attorneys with specialized expertise in landlord tenant law, Sandonato Law has the ability to handle your eviction in the most efficient manner possible. Evictions are virtual minefields for landlords where one mistake can cost months, both in terms of lost rent as well as actual possession of the property.

Free Initial Consultation

Your relationship with Sandonato Law starts with an initial consultation. This is a chance for us to really listen to you describe your problem or need as well as for you to see if you’re comfortable with Sandonato Law. You won’t be rushed and you will be heard.

Thoughtful Analysis. Creative Solutions.

Sandonato Law embodies the principle that if we can’t find a solution, we’ll make one. Maintaining relationships with other landlords, entrepreneurs, franchisees and consultants across the country keeps our ideas fresh. Sandonato Law is entirely focused on fighting for and creating winning solutions for you.

Office Location

21 McGrath Highway
Suite 405
Quincy, MA 02169