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Evictions can be stressful.  Not only do you have a tenant who isn't responding to your communications, you have expenses from owning rental property and no rent coming in.  Alternatively, you may have a tenant that you have to evict for another reason altogether.  Sandonato Law has earned a reputation as one of the Boston areas stand out firms in landlord tenant law.   Recognized for its expertise, Sandonato Law has the ability to handle your eviction in the most efficient manner possible.   Evictions are virtual minefields for landlords where one mistake can cost months, both in terms of lost rent as well as actual possession of the property.  We handle complex evictions and can spot expensive problems before they happen.   Sandonato Law's philosophy is to gather as much information as possible and decide the best way to end a tenancy.  Some tenancies are ended by way of court enforced agreements and some are ended by bench trials which typically last a day.     Our goal is always to return possession of the property to the landlord in the quickest and least expensive way possible.  We offer reasonable rates, expert representation, and unparalleled client service for individual landlords, management companies, and condo associations.   If you're about to start the eviction process or have already started it, contact us via email or by phone.


  • Breach of Lease
  • Landlord Rights
  • Tenant breaches city ordinance
  • Non payment of rent
  • Drug arrest on premises
  • Lease Reviews
  • Holdover Tenants
  • Squatters
  • Post Foreclosure Evictions
  • Lease Review
  • 93A Violations

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Free Initial Consultation

Your relationship with Sandonato Law starts with an initial consultation. This is a chance for us to really listen to you describe your problem or need as well as for you to see if you’re comfortable with Sandonato Law. You won’t be rushed and you will be heard.

Thoughtful Analysis. Creative Solutions.

Sandonato Law embodies the principle that if we can’t find a solution, we’ll make one. Maintaining relationships with other landlords, entrepreneurs, franchisees and consultants across the country keeps our ideas fresh. Sandonato Law is entirely focused on fighting for and creating winning solutions for you.