Real Estate

Sandonato Law provides a variety of real estate services.  We work with lenders, attorneys, brokers, buyers and sellers to make sure your transaction moves swiftly, professionally, and free of costly errors.

Some services we provide are:

Sandonato Law will be holding homeowner seminars this Spring. 

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Free Initial Consultation

Your relationship with Sandonato Law starts with an initial consultation. This is a chance for us to really listen to you describe your problem or need as well as for you to see if you’re comfortable with Sandonato Law. You won’t be rushed and you will be heard.

Thoughtful Analysis. Creative Solutions.

Sandonato Law embodies the principle that if we can’t find a solution, we’ll make one. Maintaining relationships with other landlords, entrepreneurs, franchisees and consultants across the country keeps our ideas fresh. Sandonato Law is entirely focused on fighting for and creating winning solutions for you.