Condominium Law

Condominiums are a unique form of real estate: a unit owner has all the rights associated with real estate ownership of the unit but also shares ownership of the common areas. Condominium associations are created to help manage the common areas and to provide rules and regulations for the maintenance and operations of the property. Given the nature of residential and commercial condominiums, legal documentation and processes are necessary, but even then, disputes arise. 

As a reputable condominium law attorney in Boston, Marco Sandonato offers a wide range of services -- from transactional to litigation -- to benefit developers, homeowners, and condominium associations. Contact his law office to learn more about his experience and how he can best serve your needs.  

Overview of Massachusetts Condominium Law

Massachusetts Condominium Act, Chapter 183A, governs all things related to condominiums in the Commonwealth. These laws create a framework for condominium legal documents and overall governance. The law outlines things like common areas, master deeds, and associations. It explains, for example, what Boards must do with their bylaws as well as restrictions and requirements regarding the property's use, operations, and maintenance. 

Overall, the laws are extensive and cumbersome. As a condo owner, developer, or an elected association board member, you should have a good working understanding of the law as well as knowledge of your rights and responsibilities. Many issues arise from ignorance of the law, which can lead to one party overstepping the boundaries of his or her authority. A condominium lawyer can help you understand these responsibilities and make sure you are in compliance with the law. An experienced condo lawyer will also make sure your rights are upheld and will do so through legal analysis, negotiations, mediation, and litigation if necessary. 

Overview of Condominium Association Legal Services in Boston

Condo boards wield a lot of power but also have a lot of responsibilities. It is important to have an attorney during the initial set up, to make sure things like founding and governing documents are drafted according to the law. It is also important to build a working relationship with an attorney. Legal issues arise all the time, and an experienced attorney can help make sure your day-to-day operations move along smoothly to prevent conditions that can make the Board vulnerable to legal problems. Marco Sandonato has years of experience working with condominium associations and Boards. A summary of the many customized services he provides include:

  • General legal advice
  • Bylaw drafts & revisions
  • Bylaw amendment drafts
  • Governing document drafts & interpretation
  • Pet issues, e.g., service animal governance
  • Contract review
  • Contract negotiations
  • Restriction evaluation & enforcement
  • Unpaid assessment collections
  • Board meeting attendance
  • Mediation
  • Litigation

Overview of Condominium Developer Legal Services in Boston

It doesn't matter if you are overseeing a small condo conversion project in Boston or developing large condo complexes throughout the greater Boston metro area, Marco Sandonato will provide quality legal services. Services offered include:

  • General legal advice
  • Responses to construction defect claims
  • Analyzing, drafting, and negotiating contracts
  • Mediation
  • Litigation

Overview of Condominium Homeowner Legal Services in Boston

Condominium homeowners are in a unique position where they own a unit among many units, and collectively the separate unit owners share ownership of common areas. Marco Sandonato represents clients who may be selling a condo unit, looking to purchase a condo unit, or wanting to lease a condo unit (whether it's for long-term or short-term rentals). Marco Sandonato offers the following services:

  • Contract review
  • Contract negotiations
  • General advice on disagreements with the condo association
  • Leasing issues

Condominium Law Attorney in Boston

Sandonato Law offers a full range of legal services. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship with an experienced attorney or need representation for a specific one-time legal matter, Marco Sandonato can accommodate your needs.

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