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Landlord Tenant

Sandonato Law has earned a reputation as one of the Boston areas stand out firms in landlord tenant law.   Comprised of a network of attorneys with specialized expertise in landlord tenant law, Sandonato Law has the ability  to handle your eviction in the most efficient manner possible.   Evictions are virtual minefields for landlords where one mistake can cost months, both in terms of lost rent as well as actual possession of the property.   We handle complex evictions and can spot expensive problems before they happen.   Sandonato Law’s contract attorneys have performed thousands of evictions.  We offer reasonable rates, expert representation, and unparalleled client service for individual landlords, management companies and condo associations.   If you’re about to start the eviction process or have already started it, contact us via email or by phone.


  • Breach of Lease
  • Tenant breaches city ordinance
  • Non payment/late payment of rent
  • Drug arrest on premises
  • Holdover Tenant
  • Squatter
  • Post Foreclosure Evictions
  • Lease Review


  • Security Deposit Law violation

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